Patio Cleaning Hounslow

Patio CleaningThe patio, just like any other exterior feature of your property is exposed to the elements all year round. Weather exposure, along with near everyday use of the patio during the warmer seasons of the year can leave this usually beautiful property feature looking a little worse for wear, and in need of some serious cleaning. In most cases, the damage or alteration caused to the patio’s top layer is only superficial and can be removed by application of the appropriate cleaning techniques and solvents.

Generally, rainwater, mildew, ice and moisture in the air are the main causes of issues like fading, discolouration, fungal growth or mould etc. Sunlight damage i.e. permanent fading is common for many patios, but unfortunately such damage is also irreversible even by professional cleaning methods. Household chemicals such as bleach for example, can also affect the patio’s top layer if accidentally spilled. Our professional patio cleaning service, available to customers in Hounslow will deal with most issues tarnishing your patio’s good looks and pleasant appearance. The cleaning method we apply uses a pressure washing machine or jet wash.

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    Patio CleaningThe machine removes dirt, staining, residue and restores original colour of the patio material trough spraying a high pressure, water stream which cuts through dirt and grime like knife through butter. The high pressure cleaning technique will blast off any mould, stubborn staining such as oil or fuel stains from lawnmowers – a common issue for many patios and leave your patio looking clean and fresh. Customers in Hounslow should keep in mind that the pressure washing is not applicable to patios with compromised structural integrity, as the high pressure water jet may dislodge loose bits and pieces and be the cause of personal injury or property damage.

    Apart from this, the pressure washing is completely safe and will not cause damage or alteration to the patio’s looks or structure. What makes this cleaning service so good is that it uses almost no cleaning materials as everything is done using pressurised, heated up water. Only in certain cases, where staining is really heavy, our cleaners might decide to apply a mild cleaning solvent in order to pre-treat stains for easy removal. It is advisable to have the patio cleaning service performed in relatively good weather conditions, as this will cut down cleaning time and yield better results. The cleaning service is available during all days of the week.